Profuz LAPIS
User guide

How to log in?

Profuz LAPIS software works on server-clients basis. It means that clients must use web browsers to access the system. The following screenshot illustrates the Initial LAPIS login screen. The default login address is the IP address of the machine where LAPIS is installed. For internal private networks usually the address is the host address of the LAPIS server.
To log in please enter your designated username and password.
Hint: If you launch for first time the Profuz LAPIS, there is a default administrator account with following login credentials:
username: administrator
password: password
Press the Submit button once login credentials are successfully entered. Profuz LAPIS will login to the main screen, which will show all available attributes available as operations to that user. Keep in mind that each main icon can be modified per customer's specific requirement for the desired workflow scenario. That is because LAPIS does not have hardcoded graphic user interface. It can always be modified. It is one of the important facts about the system.