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  • 2. Application Interface

Application Interface

2. Application Interface
Clicking on an object will open a page with several menus, quick access links, viewer, properties and relations. The page is divided into the following sections:

Application Header

Shows overall LAPIS header with search, main menus, activities, messages, emails, calendar, notifications, language, and user info

Search Bar

Visible when toggled by the search button in Application Header or when search results are displayed

Object Header

Contains breadcrumb, object title, optional version information, object type, object menu, optional object quick actions buttons

Object View

Displays the current object with the view for its type

Application Resizable Left Side Bar

Shows default and custom application widgets

Optional Dockable Resizable Right Side Bar

Drag-drop any object or widget to the right of the screen to show it in the right side bar

Dock-able Widgets Bar

Drag-drop any object or widget to the bottom right of the screen for quick access (here are shown minimized objects and widgets)

Application Footer

General information about the licenses and quick access to Help